Choose wisely

You’ve you’ve written a smart, catchy post that is PERFECT for your audience; you’ve found the most exquisite image; you’ve researched your hashtags — and you’re ready to share your social post with the whole wide world. Wonderful.

Now, when do you pull the trigger to maximize all the love and attention your post should be getting?

Co-schedule (thank you!) has done a bang-up job distilling the myriad social media studies to pin point the best times (and days - scroll to the bottom) to post by social platform. See below for some surprises…

My best advice? Read through this infographic and try out some new times. And then monitor the results. YOUR audience may be one that doesn’t follow this best practices schedule. Pay attention to the times and days that get you the most engagement, and then stick (relatively) to those times. (Test every few months to make sure things haven’t shifted in your audience.)

Zoe Cohen