Scenario 1: You've spent $25,000 to build a website for your store. The web designer built it so that he's the only one who can update it (smart business model! For him.). Within the year, the designer drops dead. It's very sad. But you also have a business to run. You have no access to your website – no way to change old prices, no way to add new stock, and no way to see who's submitted a question through the site. You're in hot water.

Scenario 2: You're starting a business and you know you need a website, among other things, but you have no idea where to start. Your smart nephew offers to create one for you. Great news! In between studying for Biology exams, he gets it done. And functionally, it's fine. But, man, his writing skills are not his strong suit.  And the images he uploaded are kind of, um, stretched. Is the writing optimized so Google can index the site correctly? (Who knows?) Are the images legal under creative common licenses? (Questionable.) Is it still great news?

Those are true (horror) stories of clients. 

Just creating a website is one thing, but making it pop 🎉and sell and setting you up for long-term success is a whole other planet. Our writers get it. Our SEO experts get it. Our web designers get it. We work together to make sure that your site looks great and converts to sales, while giving you an easy-to-use backend system that allows you to make as-needed edits to your final site. What are you waiting for? 

Zoe Cohen