How to get killer website testimonials for your business

I find the whole process of collecting testimonials sort of, well, uncomfortable (queue up Lovefool by The Cardigans…🥰).

Testimonials are not necessarily easy, but they are necessary.

According to BrightLocal, 86% of consumers read reviews before purchasing from local businesses. And that number jumps to 95% if the consumer is between 18-34 years young.

Your clients trust trust customer reviews (and word-of-mouth reviews from family and friends) over any other. Harness the power of those testimonials and put them to good use on your website!

Here are a few quick and easy (and hopefully painless) ways to 1. Pounce, 2. Prepare, and 3. Post website testimonials.

Pounce! 🐅

Seriously, the fresher the reviews, the better. Don’t wait three years to ask for a review.

  • Choose the right time. What point in your sales cycle is your client is at their happiest? Capitalize on this free-flowing serotonin and connect with them at this critical point.

  • Choose the right medium. Is there an opportunity to ask them in person? If so, do. People comply in much larger numbers in a face-to-face ask. If in person won’t work, or feels too awkward, email is your next best bet.


However you choose to reach out (I like email, myself), ask for the testimonial in a way that will best serve your business.

  • Be direct. People need to understand what you’re asking for, so don’t pussy foot around. The clearer you can be with your ask, the better.

  • Make it easy. People (generally🙄) aren’t up at night thinking about how to craft the wittiest, most thoughtful review. Ask them to write something and they might (probably will) clam up.

You can help combat this in two ways:

  1. In your email, include a recent review from a customer that you would consider a great example. This gives them a model for what you’re looking for . (Hint: If you don’t have any reviews yet, write one yourself as an example.)

  2. Give them a few simple questions to answer. You can stitch their answers together into a killer web testimonial. Some questions to elicit great answers are:

    • What concerns or obstacles did you face before hiring XYZ Service?

    • How did using XYZ Service help you solve your problem?

    • What was your favorite part of working with XYZ service?

    These three questions create a story arc showing where they were before you and how you helped them reach nirvana (or somewhere close by.) Use their answers (exactly as they write them) to craft the perfect testimonial.

Post! 💻

Get those testimonials up and on your home page, pronto! But be strategic – no one wants to scroll through a thousand love notes. Choose two or three to post. Or choose up to ten and use a carousel slider (see our example).

Spellcheck the pants off of them, and then put them on blast.

⚡️Bonus advice: Get your testimonials out on your social media, too. Gussy the testimonial up (through Canva or even the native Instagram designer) and post it in your social feed. Don’t be shy about spreading the ❤️.

Have great testimonials but a less than stellar website? We can help! Reach out

Zoe Cohen