Four ways to delight your clients – and get more business

A moment of unexpected delight is so, well, delightful. We’ve all had those moments of extra that left lasting impressions.

If you can build moments of delight into your marketing and communications, you’ll have supporters singing your praises for life. (And how valuable is that Word of Mouth marketing? VERY. People are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend.)

So, how to delight? Here are four areas to check for inspiration:

Start sparkling

Please, please, puhleeeze leave the press release writing in the press release. Channel the persona of your audience and write for them - in a way that’s clear but also engaging and thoughtful. If you can, add some delightable (is that a word?) copy in an unexpected place.  If appropriate, you can be funny (if it IS truly funny) or even punny, which some folks -> me <- always find funny. Quirky headlines or subheadings are a great place to start.

Polish it up

The tactile and visual experience matters. What can you do to add an element of delight to your folders/letters/mailers/boxes? It doesn’t have to be expensive, and these days you can find great places to custom print high quality stickers that can be slapped on just about anything. Add beautiful images down the margin of your fundraising letters. Find a way to make your materials stand out in unexpected and delightful ways.

Get swaggy

Don’t save your swag for only the most important moments. (Sidenote: This rose candle line nails me every time.) Those branded pens are going to dry up, the logo will change, the world will move on and your box of swag will be gathering dust under your desk. Release the kraken of swag - pens, t shirts, stickers, phone chargers - whatever it is that you buy to promote your company, give it freely and widely. (And make sure it looks good.) Think about critical points in your audience’s life cycle - and give them the goods right before a critical decision to donate or enroll or buy.

Be a looker

Visuals are so important. They convey everything about your brand, your mission, and the value you place on your audience. Pull out the magnifying mirror, turn on the brightest light, and get critical: how does your website look? function? read?; are your emails visually engaging? can you add slight (and unexpected) elements like movement or rollover effects?; do your social media posts have a “look”, a thread that runs throughout - a color scheme, a font, a filter, a VIBE?

I dig finding amazing examples of delightful marketing. If you have any to share, send them my way!

In delight & Deee-lite, ♥️Zoe

Ps- if you must...

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